We named our company after Nereus (neer-ee-uhs), a Greek mythology sea god known for his wisdom, truthfulness and virtue. His ability to understand the constantly changing and often dangerous sea while giving aid to those heroes who, in ancient times were called by their destiny to dare greatly and boldly, is a hallmark of who we are. We live these values every day as we deliver talent and technologies to help you get results, reach your goals, and fulfill your vision. Our decades of experience in some of the most sensitive and protected networks on the planet uniquely qualify us to support your challenges and help you take advantage of new opportunities in the Cloud. We are committed to being part of your  journey.


Nereus was founded on these very Principles: Forged upon the tenets of integrity, reliability, and a belief that all digital transformation should be accompanied by a trusted advisor. Your needs for an accessible and secure information infrastructure; be it in the cloud or on premises requires a consultative approach. An approach that understands your business requirements and is uniquely curated to your needs. With Nereus your organization can experience technologies with boundless possibilities for collaboration, problem solving, and solution delivery with the assurance that systems are available and secure. Our approach to solving problems involves an ever forward mentality that listens to your concerns, experiences, and adapts technology solutions that anticipate future challenges. We lead organizations through digital transformation and provide a new way of thinking about computing.  It’s not just about technology, it’s also the processes used to manage it. With the right guide,  you will see that your journey through the digital space transforms your competitive advantage from a dream into reality. If you supply the vision, we will help you get there.

Professional Services

Our engineering talent is the center point of our company.  We focus on premier talent in the market and hire the best and brightest technical, team-oriented people to ensure we deliver for our clients.

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